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3) Helsinki metropolitan area bus, tram, local train, ferry to Suomenlinna Free with Ukranian passport. If you need a ticket, purchase one at R-kioski, some smaller grocery stores outside the center, or at special vending machines.
4) Turku public transport:
5) Tampere public transport: 6) Jyväskylä public transport:
7) Kuopio public transport:
For your town / city, use and type your location (e.g. Helsinki) and ” julkinen liikenne ”

To travel by local bus, tram, or subway (metro) in the greater Helsinki area (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and nearby towns): 1 Local busses free of charge with Ukranian passport in very many towns

  • You need to purchase your tickets in advance. Vending machines (blue) are found on metro stations, and you can also buy tickets at R-kiosks and in some small grocery stores. Ca.50 cents will be charged as an extra fee unless you use a vending machine.
  • No tickets are sold in buses, trains, trams, or the metro.
  • To buy a ticket:You will need to know how many zones you will travel and purchase a ticket according to that, for example AB, ABC, BC, etc. There are maps on bus stops, metro stations with zones and also will help you with maps, routes, timetables etc. More on zones (ABCD etc.) your telephone can be used to download the HSL app, you can possibly use a mobile ticket, which you purchase on the bus / tram / metro stop prior to entering the vehicle.There are single tickets that are ideal for occasional journeys. The tickets are valid for 80 minutes (AB and BC) –110 minutes(ABCD) and they allow you to transfer between modes of transport within their validity.Check if day tickets are available. There are also different discount tickets for children etc.A single adult AB or BC is 2,80e and ABC is 4,10. You can also buy a ticket for a longer period or a reloadable ticket.