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If you are already in Finland: you do not have to fill in questions about you arrival ferryboat timetable.

If you not yet in Finland we might be able to help you in the port of Helsinki: fill in the timetable of you ferryboat.

A list of questions, and if it is possible, please provide me with answers from passengers. If it is not possible, then we will manage without them.

  • 1) For Migri (Finnish immigration services):
    • 1a) How many men?
    • 1b) How many women?
    • 1c) How many children?

2) Do they need clothes, feminine hygiene stuff (tampons etc.), medication, health or psychological help immediately and

3) IF they need something when they arrive (winter jackets, socks, children’s clothes, diapers…) please have every family make a list by last name.

We will try to find as much as we can. We cannot promise everything, but we will do our best. 1 By favoring the recycling of clothing and various items, you can play your part in reducing the burden on nature.

Also, about their new homes:

4) List how many DO NOT have a place to stay (how many persons, children, age, gender of adults) and we will try to find a home stay (much nicer than a refugee center) (And also only asylum seekers can stay at a refugee center – this might change this week)

5) Do all persons have a person to collect them when the ferryboat arrives? We will arrange a person to greet and guide if they do not have hosts.

And of course I need this info only for persons that are coming to Finland.

Viber: +358 40 584 8080

or e-mail ukraina@ocho.f i (no space between f&i )