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Information and useful links for asylum seekers and immigrants 2022

Instructions on arriving in Finland from Ukraine The page in Ukrainian: Що я повинен робити прибувши з України до Фінляндії If you are fleeing the Russian attack on Ukraine, you can stay in Finland visa-free or apply for temporary protection or asylum.

Local help groups in Facebook

Help service in Helsinki ”We coordinate assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainian asylum seekers arriving in Finland from the Russian-Ukrainian war zone. All information about the humanitarian project can be found on a special website ”
Silta22 is a network to help
Slava Ukrani arrange busses
Help groups FI
Sipoo: Українцi в Сiпоо – Ukrainalaiset & Vaasa: Фінські українці в Oulu та Vaasa – Suomen ukrainalaiset Oulussa ja Vaasassa & Northern Finland: Українці в Оулу / Ukrainians in Oulu and Northern Finlandäskylä: Українці вяскюля – Ukrainalaiset Jyväskylässä Finland: Apua Ukrainalle Help for Ukraine Dopomoga Ukraini (Varsinais-Suomi) Apua ukrainalaisille Laitilassa / Допомога українцям у айтілі

Rautalammi: Rautalammin Ukrainalaiset – Українці в Rautalammi

Helsinki; the district of Tapanila: Tapanilan lähialueiden ukrainalaiset, majoittajat ja muut paikallisauttajat
– Українці в Tapanilan (Helsinki)

Vihti: Ukraina-apu Vihti

Silmu: Silmun ukrainalaiset – Українці в Silmu

Sauvo: Ukrainalaiset Sauvossa – Українці в Sauvo

Tampere: Ukraina-apu (Tampere) / Help Ukraine (Tampere)

Kustavi (in South-Western Finland): Ukraina-apu Kustavi

Paimio: Ukraina-apu Paimio

Kirkkonimmi: Ukraina apu Kirkkonummi

Savo (large area around Kuopio) (Konkreettista apua Ukrainan pakolaisille / Savo

Lohja: Ukraina apu – Lohja

Jokela: Ukraina apu Jokela

Apua Ukrainaan Jkl

Seinäjoki and surrounding Etelä-Pohjanmaa: Apu Ukrainan pakolaisille ja Ukrainassa oleville Seinäjoki/Etelä-Pohjanmaa

Savo (large area around Kuopio): APUA UKRAINAAN ETELÄ-SAVO

Jyväskylä: Jyväskylän Apu Ukrainalaisille


Sauvo: Ukraina-apu Sauvo (vaatteet ja tarvikkeet)

Lestijokilaakso: Ukrainan pakolaisapu Lestijokilaaksossa

Juuka: Apua Ukrainan pakolaisille Juuka

Supplies & Help for Ukrainians🇺🇦 Lahti/Päijät-Häme🇫🇮 ~ Tarvikekeräys

Nurmes: Apua Ukrainaan Nurmes

Evijärvi: Apua ukrainalaisille Evijärvellä

Helsinki (Suomenlinna district): Apua Suomenlinnasta – Hjälp från Sveaborg – Help from Suomenlinna (Helsinki)

Forssa: Apu ukrainalaisille Forssan seudulla.

Ahvenanmaa / Åland: (In Swedish language!) Ukrainahjälpen på Åland



Home accommodation network

Kotimajoitusverkosto arrange safe and nice home accommodation
:Home accomodation FB-groups  KOTIMAJOITUSVERKOSTON PAIKALLISRYHMÄT: UUSIMAA Helsinki, Espoo ja Vantaa: Keski-Uusimaa (Järvenpää-Hyvinkää-Kerava-Tuusula-Nurmijärvi) : Itä-Uusimaa ja Mäntsälä (ml. Pornainen): Raasepori: Läntinen Uusimaa: LÄNSI-SUOMI Turku ja Varsinais-Suomi: Paimio: Pohjanmaa: Kurikka-Ilmajoki: Satakunta: Seinäjoki ja lähialueet: Salo ja lähialueet: KESKI-SUOMI JA HÄME Tampere ja Pirkanmaa: Lahti ja lähialueet: Hämeenlinna ja lähialueet: Jyväskylä, Jämsä ja lähialueet: ITÄ-SUOMI Etelä-Karjala: Pohjois-Karjala: Pohjois-Savo: Etelä-Savo: Kymenlaakso: POHJOIS-SUOMI Oulu ja lähialueet: Lappi: LEMMIKKIEN KANSSA MAJOITTUVILLE: This list is also in many Facebook-groups, for example in the group: and you can search for it in the group by typing ”домашнього розселення” in the search field of the group.



operators offer free calls +  SMS    DNA (including Moi Mobile), Elisa and Telia do not charge for calls to or roaming in Ukraine Calls and text messages sent to Ukraine from Elisa’s mobile subscriptions are free of charge 24.2. from. Roaming in Ukraine is also free from the same day. Roaming applies to data usage, calls and text messages. At Telia, free of charge will start on 25 February, but will also apply to prepaid subscriptions.

Free of charge applies to calls and text messages to normal-priced numbers from both consumer and business billing subscriptions. The free of charge is valid until March 31, 2022.

Calls and sent SMS (text) messages to Ukraine are free of charge as of Feb 24th. Also Elisa roaming is free in Ukraine as of that date. Roaming includes data, calls and text (SMS) messages. All above mentioned are free until March 31st, 2022. Telia’s calls and messages will be free as of Friday, Feb 25th but it also includes calls from its prepaid plans.


Telia tarjoaa Suomeen saapuville Ukrainan pakolaisille tuhat valmiiksi ladattua prepaid-liittymää.Lisäksi Telia lahjoittaa 30 000 euroa ukrainalaislapsille Pelastakaa Lapset ry:n kautta.
Elisa ENG
lisa helping people suffering due to the war in Ukraine: thousands of prepaid subscriptions for people fleeing to Finland and a €50,000 donation for those in needUpdate, 17 March 2022: Elisa is ready to continue providing more than the 2,000 prepaid subscriptions stated previously according to the needs of people fleeing to Finland from the war in Ukraine. In addition, calls and text messages to Ukraine, as well as roaming in Ukraine, from Elisa mobile subscriptions with monthly billing will continue to be free until the end of May, extending the previously stated period ending on 31 March 2022.

Elisa wants to do all it can that people fleeing the war in Ukraine have the chance to keep in touch with their loved ones and is ready to provide thousands of prepaid subscriptions to people fleeing to Finland to escape the war. In addition, Elisa is making a €50,000 donation to help those in need. The donation is being given to UNICEF, which is helping Ukrainian children to survive in the middle of the crisis.


Calls to Ukraine from DNA’s mobile subscriptions have been free of charge as of Thursday 24 February 2022, and roaming use of DNA subscriptions in Ukraine is free of charge for customers, meaning that prepaid and postpaid calls, text messages and Internet usage in Ukraine will not be invoiced. This applies to calls and messages to standard-priced numbers from both consumer and business mobile subscriptions. The decision is valid until 30 April 2022.

Money, currency

1 euro = 100 cent / sentti(ä) (snt) in Finnish

There are NOT many cash machines / ATMs, so please make sure you always have enough cash or functioning bank or credit cards.

Please remember to exchange currency at the ferryboat terminal (Forex), the Main Railway Station, or Helsinki-Vantaa airport etc.

FOREX työskentelee monin tavoin helpottaakseen Ukrainasta paenneiden ihmisten tilannetta. Ukrainan valuutan hryvnian lisäksi monilla on mukanaan dollareita ja joissain tapauksissa Puolan zlotyja ja teemme poikkeuksen tavanomaiseen asiakkaiden tunnistamiseemme, jotta he voisivat vaihtaa mukanaan olevat rahat. Western Union -tapahtumat Ukrainaan ovat myös maksuttomia.

FOREX ei kuitenkaan juuri nyt osta Ukrainan valuutta hryvniaa, UAH. Tämä johtuu siitä, että tällä hetkellä ei ole mitään keinoa, jolla FOREX voisi myydä valuuttaa eteenpäin. Samanaikaisesti valuutan tuleva arvo on todella epävarma.

FOREX työskentelee intensiivisesti löytääkseen ratkaisun, jolla kaupankäynti valuutalla alkaisi. Käynnissä on keskusteluja muun muassa sellaisien avustusorganisaatioiden kanssa, joilla on henkilöstöä paikalla Ukrainassa sekä Ruotsin Ulkoministeriön (UD) ja Kansainvälisen kehitysyhteistyön keskusviraston (Sida) kanssa.

Jos tämä työ on tuloksellista, voi FOREX jatkaa kaupankäyntiä UAH:lla ja ottaa vastaan UAH Suomeen tai muihin Pohjoismaihin saapuneilta ukrainalaispakolaisilta.

Ukrainan tukemisen lisäksi otamme kantaa sotaa vastaan lopettamalla kaiken kaupankäynnin Venäjän ruplalla, RUB. Ei ole myöskään mahdollista siirtää rahaa Western Unionin kautta Venäjälle tai Venäjältä eikä Valko-Venäjälle tai Valko-Venäjältä.


There are 2 official languages:

and Swedish. Most people speak some English, especially the young. There are many who speak Russian in the Helsinki region. Street signs often list Finnish first, Swedish below.

Health care and emergencies

  • Emergency calls in Finland (ambulance, police, fire department) call 112 (free of charge and also possible without a sim card.

Helsinki Terveyspalvelut = Medical and health services

Kalasataman terveys- ja hyvinvointikeskus palvelee arkisin klo 8-20 numerossa + 358 9 310 50333. Kalasatama health care center is open Mon-Fri 8:00 – 20:00

Emergency care for children and young people under the age of 16 are available in evenings and at weekends at the New Children’s Hospital. Please call the free Medical Helpline number 116 117 before visiting a health station or emergency department.

For more information on services in Helsinki:

Global Clinics

Global Clinics

The Clinic is run by volunteers who provide health care services. The services are primarily for patients who are not entitled to public health care in Finland regardless of nationality or migration status. We give information about health services in Finland. Services are free of charge, anonymous and in strict confidence. The volunteers running the Clinic in Helsinki are trained medical doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, psychologists and interpreters. You can contact the clinics also when there is not a clinic in your own city.

Global Clinics are found in:

044 977 45 47

046 625 14 12

040 804 81 34

046 964 5137

046 956 4199

Travel trains, buses,

trams, metro (subway, underground)

Public transportation (Free for Ukranians in many cities but remember to check first) In many places tickets should be purchased in advance (like in Helsinki) at special places. Please check if you need to do that.

Public transportation (Free for Ukranians in many cities but remember to check first) In many places tickets should be purchased in advance (like in Helsinki) at special places. Please check if you need to do that. Anywhere in Finland, between cities

1) Buses Long distance bus and Long distance bus

2) Trains train all over Finland, long distance

To travel by VR train – VR is the only nation wide train company – (both local and long distance ) in Finland: free of charge by showing your Ukranian passport.

Free long distance busses for Ukrainian people:



    3) Helsinki metropolitan area bus, tram, local train, ferry to Suomenlinna Free with Ukranian passport. If you need a ticket, purchase one at R-kioski, some smaller grocery stores outside the center, or at special vending machines.
    4) Turku public transport:
    5) Tampere public transport: 6) Jyväskylä public transport:
    7) Kuopio public transport:
    For your town / city, use and type your location (e.g. Helsinki) and ” julkinen liikenne ”

    To travel by local bus, tram, or subway (metro) in the greater Helsinki area (Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and nearby towns): 1 Local busses free of charge with Ukranian passport in very many towns

    • You need to purchase your tickets in advance. Vending machines (blue) are found on metro stations, and you can also buy tickets at R-kiosks and in some small grocery stores. Ca.50 cents will be charged as an extra fee unless you use a vending machine.
    • No tickets are sold in buses, trains, trams, or the metro.
    • To buy a ticket:You will need to know how many zones you will travel and purchase a ticket according to that, for example AB, ABC, BC, etc. There are maps on bus stops, metro stations with zones and also will help you with maps, routes, timetables etc. More on zones (ABCD etc.) your telephone can be used to download the HSL app, you can possibly use a mobile ticket, which you purchase on the bus / tram / metro stop prior to entering the vehicle.There are single tickets that are ideal for occasional journeys. The tickets are valid for 80 minutes (AB and BC) –110 minutes(ABCD) and they allow you to transfer between modes of transport within their validity.Check if day tickets are available. There are also different discount tickets for children etc.A single adult AB or BC is 2,80e and ABC is 4,10. You can also buy a ticket for a longer period or a reloadable ticket.

    Asylum, visas etc

    Turvapaikan hakeminen = Seeking asylumTo seek asylum you will need to visit a police station or talk to the border control officials anywhere in Finland. If you are seeking asylum in Helsinki, you should go to Pasilan poliisitalo 1; address: Pasilanraitio 13.

    For more information: Suomen maahanmuuttoviraston sivut voi kysyä / more help: Sosiaalipalvelujen neuvontapuhelimesta + 358 9 310 37577. (Fin) (Eng)

    For example:Asylum seekers

    To apply for asylum in Finland, you must talk to the police or a border control authority in person. I am a Ukrainian citizen. Do I need a visa to travel to and from Finland?Ukrainian nationals may travel to the Schengen area visa-free for up to 90 days if you have a biometric passport. The visa-free period begins on the date of arrival in Finland. If you stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit.  For more information on visas, see the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs ( NOTE that these can change quickly, so please stay updated! (

    According to a press release issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 24 February 2022, the customer service of the Finnish Mission in Kiev and the receipt of residence permit applications by an external service provider have been closed for the time being. The e – mail address of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for inquiries regarding entry matters is The Finnish embassy in Ukraine is closed. You can email this address for information on immigration matters: When you want to work or get education (in Russian, pdf-file)äjä_pdf.pdf/a99408cc-71a9-38ef-6453-960985369a2a?t=1616544247201up

    Free of charge

    Here are some ideas to save money

    Dear Ukrainians. While in Finland, you have some questions. We will support you and provide information about living in the country. To save money, here are some ideas: – Reuse center (Kierrätyskeskus or Kierrätys) + town or village / municipality. Often such centers in the metropolitan area even have their own department of free goods. The goods are not always whole, but free. Also, buy cheap, undamaged goods. Sometimes there are even new things. – Flea markets (Kirpputorit, “kirppikset”), or in Swedish-speaking areas “loppis” or “loppmarknad” Please Google your own place + flea / flea market / ready / ready market – Annetaan and Roskalava groups on Facebook Here you can also politely ask for items they need, such as a bed, table, chairs or utensils. Very often even the Finns themselves buy clothes, dishes, furniture and save a lot of money in these places. Here are some ideas to save money


    Some of the museums are open without entrance fee on special days



    Free events in Helsinki


    Free shops

    text continue under the map…

    Free Stores

    Helsinki Free Store
    Teollisuuskatu 9 F
    Пункт выдачи помощи украинцам
    С 12-18
    С собой паспорт и карточка беженца.
    Add your starting point:

    Helsinki Pitäjänmäki Free store ”PikkuApu” is open
    30.3 15-17
    31.3 17-19
    1.4 13-15
    -You need to show your passport and/or the card issued by the police
    -Food and hygiene products you will receive a set amount, other products as you need
    -We cannot store clothes or other large objects, but you can leave request on a piece of paper and we will try to find a donor & message you if found.
    Next week we will be open regularly, please check open times. Address: Valimotie 1 b, Helsinki. Entrance is on the Pitäjänmäentie street side, ground floor.

    Kirkkonummi Free Store
    Kirkkotori 3, 02400 Kirkkonummi. Sijaitsemme kirjaston viereisessä talossa, jossa on myös Sale. Olemme auki joka päivä klo 12-18.

    Turku Free Store
    Address: Rautakatu 10, Turku
    Open for Ukranians: Tuesday 14–18, Wednesday 9-15, Thursday 9–15 (***The store opens April 5th****)
    To get there take bus 32 (Pansio-Varissuo) and 42 (Perno-Varissuo) – BUT NOT 32A. The destination stop where you should get out is called: Rautakadun pysäkki.
    In the bus app: (Just type in your location)

    Vehmaa: Vinkkilä: Ukrainan apu (old Seepra)
    23200 Vinkkilä Vehmaa
    Tel. +358 400 777099 / Mr. Jorma Blomberg
    Open Tuesday-Friday 17 – 19, Saturday 9 – 13
    Or you can make an appointment outside open hours.

    Salo free store and center: Ми організували роботу спільно з фінським фондом ” Anna Tukesi ry” в приміщенні Vinski у місті Сало. Це те місце, де ви можете отримати гуманітарну допомогу і зробити свій благодійний внесок. А також отримати інформацію, яка вас цікавить.
    Центр допомоги працює з 5.04.22 по вівторках і четвергах з 9.00-16.00.
    Адреса: Tehdaskatu 13, 2 поверх. 24100 Salo… Visa mer

    We organized work together with the Finnish foundation ”Anna Tukesi ry” at the Vinski premises in Salo. This is a place where you can get humanitarian help and make a charitable contribution. And also get information you are interested in.
    The help center is open from 5.04.22 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00-16.00.
    Address: Tehdaskatu 13, 2nd floor. 24100 Party
    The center has a large selection of clothes and shoes for children and adults. Also kitchen supplies, bedding, blankets, towels, hygiene products, pet food, etc. p.
    You can also help our foundation (with food and whatever you can. )

    Hämeenlinnan Ukraina-keskus / Український центр району Хямеенлінна
    Lukiokatu 7, Hämeenlinna (in the same building as a school called Lyseo)

    Seinäjoki free store: Hotelli Alman takana, Ruukintie 4 (Ruukintie 😎 60100 Seinäjoki
    Open usually (please call to check) Monday-Friday 16-20 ja weekends 12-20
    +358 40 4122254

    Lahti: Sammonkatu 8, 15140 Lahti. Tel.+358414777919
    Open on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Check times from the group. Also free services like: cleaning help for free; free haircuts for Ukrainian kids.
    Lahden seudun liikenne LSL buses for free; childrens indoor park offers free entrance on Wednesdays;
    Lahden Palvelutori free masks & general help

    Everyone’s rights in nature


    Everyone is allowed to…
    • walk, ski, cycle, or horseback ride freely (except very near homes and other private buildings or through farm fields and nursery plantations which could easily be damaged)
    • camp out temporarily a reasonable distance from homes
    • pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers, as long as they are not protected species
    • fish with a simple rod and line
    • use boats, swim or bathe in inland waters and the sea
    • walk, ski, or drive a motor vehicle or fish on frozen lakes, rivers, and the sea
    • all the above can be restricted or forbidden in national parks and other nature reserves during certain seasons or year-round to protect sensitive areas and threatened species of plants or animals. Please pay close attention to any restrictions.
    It’s NOT allowed to…
  • disturb people or damage property
  • disturb reindeer, game, breeding birds, their nests or young
  • let pets off leash
  • cut down or damage trees
  • collect moss, lichen, or fallen trees from other people’s property
  • light open campfires without permission, except in an emergency
  • disturb people’s privacy by camping too near them or making too much noise
  • leave litter
  • drive motor vehicles off road without the landowner’s permission
  • hunt without the relevant permits
  • fish with nets, traps, or a reel and lure without the relevant permits



    Sources references available upon request

    1. Source FaceBook group Українці у Фінляндії,  search ”Local and useful groups”. Please send updates – use []