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Here are some ideas to save money

Dear Ukrainians. While in Finland, you have some questions. We will support you and provide information about living in the country. To save money, here are some ideas: – Reuse center (Kierrätyskeskus or Kierrätys) + town or village / municipality. Often such centers in the metropolitan area even have their own department of free goods. The goods are not always whole, but free. Also, buy cheap, undamaged goods. Sometimes there are even new things. – Flea markets (Kirpputorit, “kirppikset”), or in Swedish-speaking areas “loppis” or “loppmarknad” Please Google your own place + flea / flea market / ready / ready market – Annetaan and Roskalava groups on Facebook Here you can also politely ask for items they need, such as a bed, table, chairs or utensils. Very often even the Finns themselves buy clothes, dishes, furniture and save a lot of money in these places. Here are some ideas to save money